Negotiations with SEIU Local 105 (Denver)


Information Page

This section contains important information about the negotiations with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 105 (Denver) for a new collective bargaining agreement.

Please feel free to review the information here and bookmark the page since this will be updated frequently with new information.



At Flagship, we know that our success stems from our employees - our frontline heroes. It has always been, and will always be, our mission to provide a mutually supportive and positive working environment.

Integrity is one of our core values that we put into action, and we are dedicated to seeing this through and ensuring our employees feel valued. This mentality has been the driving force behind our efforts toward reaching a common ground while we continue operations to uphold passenger safety and quality service in the interim.


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Status of the Negotiations

Despite our considerable efforts to reach a new agreement with SEIU Local 105, the union continues to reject our efforts to settle a contract.

As you know, we presented our last, best offer for an agreement to the Union in October. Unfortunately, the Union rejected it. Since then, we informed the Union that we would make an additional effort to settle a contract by supplementing our offer with a premium. Our new offer includes 6% across-the-board wage increases in the first year, up from 4% in our prior proposal. Our offer also includes 4% increases in the second and third years of the agreement as well as the other compensation and benefits listed below.

Once again, however, the Union has rejected our effort to settle a contract. The Union also informed us of its intention to call a 24 hour strike the day before Thanksgiving. As you know, Thanksgiving is a very busy travel day and the Airport is relying on us to provide service that day. The Union’s threat will do nothing to advance our negotiations and it will harm, not help our employees.

Flagship will continue operations during a strike. Employees have the legal right to continue to come to work and perform their jobs, and we will do our best to make reporting to work as convenient and easy as possible.

Dealing with a strike is unpleasant for everyone involved but we hope you will continue reporting to work.

We want to thank everyone for continuing to work hard during what is a very stressful time for all of us. We will keep you informed as things develop. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact your supervisor.


Summary of the Company’s Final Offer

  • Our new offer includes 6% across-the-board wage increases in the first year.
  • In a good faith effort, Flagship offered a four percent wage increase over the next three years.
  • $350 spot bonus to be paid in February 2022.
  • Flagship offered to contribute 100% of the monthly health, dental, and vision benefits premiums for the employee and 75% of the monthly health, dental, and vision benefits premiums for the employee plus one other individual.
  • Flagship offered an additional floating holiday for all employees. Flagship also has made offers regarding vacation and sick leave, and how they are accrued and paid out.
  • Flagship also offered other favorable enhancements to its employee policies and processes.

FAQ’s Regarding Strikes

We will continue our operations to the highest standards to maintain service for the public at the Denver Airport while abiding by all of our legal obligations.

There is no way of predicting how long a strike may last.

Yes, the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) gives all employees the right to cross the picket line and return to work even if there is a strike.

The same terms and conditions you were working under based on the expired contract.

No. In fact, by law, the union still has a duty to fairly represent you in its negotiations with Flagship and under any contract we eventually reach. By law, all employees in the bargaining unit remain in the bargaining unit and covered by a contract whether or not they are “union members.”

We believe the union can try to fine members who cross the picket line.

Yes. An employee can avoid being fined if he/she resigns their union membership before crossing a picket line. However, employees may continue working during a strike regardless of whether they resign or change their union membership status.

No. Employees do not gain or lose any rights they have as an employee, including seniority, wages and benefits.

No, blacklisting is illegal and to do so gives the employee the right to file an unfair labor practice charges and obtain back pay awards from the union for any wages lost.

No. If employees do not work, they do not get paid. Depending on how long a strike lasts, an employee could lose thousands of dollars in pay.

No. Under the Company’s benefits plan, benefits end at the end of the month in which a strike begins.

No. You don't earn any benefits while you are striking.

Colorado does not pay unemployment benefits during a strike.

Yes, Flagship has a legal right to operate its business during a strike. Employees who refuse to work during an economic strike can be replaced temporarily or permanently.


Media Statement

"We're disappointed that the union has turned down our final offer for an agreement that would have protected and improved wages and provided very generous fringe benefits for our valued employees. We hope the union will reconsider. In the meantime, we are prepared to serve the public at Denver International Airport to uphold a clean and safe environment and quality service for travelers in the interim."