Life Science Technician Training
Life Science Technician Training

Flagship Lab Services Launches LST Certification Program for Aspiring Lab Technicians

Published January 15, 2024

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Flagship Lab Services

Flagship Lab Services is proud to announce the launch of its Life Sciences Technician (LST)™ certification program, which aims to formalize the professional certification process for technicians specializing in laboratory environments.

Open to students of all experience and skill levels, this unique program offers a fast, affordable pathway to a career in the Life Sciences industry. Prospective participants need only apply to be considered.

Participants undergo an intensive week of training set between the classroom and Flagship’s model lab. The curriculum covers a wide spectrum of topics, including lab safety, equipment management, and general maintenance.

Not only does each graduate receive the LST certification, but they’re also granted preferred status for job opportunities with Flagship Lab Services. The certification program is free to any LST who is employed by Flagship for at least one year.

With this program, Flagship hopes to challenge the conception that Life Sciences careers come with formidable barriers to entry. Instead, the program equips students with the skills they need to succeed in the Life Sciences without conventional qualifications.

Already, the program is setting a new standard for employee excellence within the Life Sciences industry. The program has created a robust pipeline of qualified LSTs who are making a difference in the labs they serve.

This program aims to train technicians in the specifics of lab management and set a new standard for employee excellence within the Life Sciences industry.

The inaugural course took place in Boston during the fall of 2023, with all 10 participants completing it successfully. The next course is planned for early 2024.

Flagship is collaborating with schools and Life Sciences partners in the Boston community to generate greater awareness for the program.

If you’re interested in learning more about the LST certification program, please contact Jeremy Warmels at