Lab Tech Cleaning Fume Hood
Lab Tech Cleaning Fume Hood

Flagship Lab Services Serves as a True Extension of the Client’s Team

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This Flagship Lab Services client is ushering in an exciting new era in cellular medicine. Its innovations make it possible to use red blood cells as the foundation for an entirely new class of cellular therapies, which are transforming the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Recently, the client moved its growing research and development operation from a small laboratory to a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility that would better meet its evolving needs.

The Challenge

Transitioning from one lab to the next proved to be a daunting task. It involved meticulous handling of existing inventory and required coordination between the lab managers and the vendors responsible for lab setup and organization.

Early on, the client discovered issues with certain pieces of vital equipment, including bioreactors – which create an environment for enzymes and cells to transform biochemicals into usable products. The pressure of bioreactor tanks was inconsistent, resulting in a significant dilemma for the client and delaying crucial research and development.

Periodic equipment failures led the client to lose confidence in its vendors and their ability to support the company through rapid growth and expansion. So, the team turned to Flagship to manage its facilities and provide top-level lab support.

The Solution

Flagship’s first priority was filling in the gaps between the client’s existing vendors and lab managers. By leaning on years of project management experience, Flagship was able to keep the enterprise moving forward, all while repairing non-working equipment and implementing new standard operating procedures.

Flagship is also known for its innovative approach to problem-solving, which it applied to find a solution to the client’s bioreactor issue. When Flagship discovered that the tanks were over-pressurized, it worked diligently to determine that the regulators should be tightened to release the minimum amount of pressure needed to effectively carry out the job. The problem was quickly resolved, enabling the client to resume its imperative work.

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At every stage of the transition, Flagship exhibited the willingness and flexibility needed to help the client achieve its vision of transforming therapies for patients with severe diseases. From overseeing a smooth facility transition to offering exceptional technical support, Flagship exceeded the client’s every expectation.

The Outcome

Flagship played a vital role in helping the client regain confidence in the infrastructure of its lab. The client needed a partner that could be trusted to maintain operations without requiring regular instruction or intervention from outside vendors. During this critical time, Flagship stepped up to manage the lab with care and vigilance, thus allowing the client to focus on pioneering medicine.

The key to the partnership is Flagship’s commitment to the client, which remains as strong today as it did at the start. As an extension of the team, Flagship is proud to be part of advancing these life-changing therapeutics.

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True Extension of the Client

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