Luis Maintenance Engineer Service Spotlight
Luis Maintenance Engineer Service Spotlight

Service Spotlight on Luis Rodriguez

Categories: Engineering Services, Facilities Maintenance


We would like to shine a spotlight on Luis Rodriguez, a Maintenance Engineer at Flagship Facility Services for over 12 years. He is a master tradesman in multiple areas and is requested by name due to his strong commitment to our customers and service. He enjoys the fact that every day a new experience and he is able to create or learn on the job daily.

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Video Transcript

My name is Luis Rodriguez, my title now is Maintenance Engineer I’ve been here 12 years. I do electrical, I do plumbing, I do framing, sheet rock, a little bit of everything pretty much.

Luis, could be deemed a master tradesman in multiple trades. He’s are all around go to guy he’s probably the highest ranking tech we have. He’s been taking care of our customers for going on 12 plus years so he is regularly requested as the only person they want to come out to do their work.

I love what I do, every day is a new experience you know it could be from either go on change the toilet, to build a wall, you know or fix a big machine, that’s the challenge every day for me. I think every day is a new story for me. We treat all of our employees with respect we understand we’re only as good as our frontline employees they are the face of Flagship. If we care about them, show them respect give them the tools to succeed then they’re gonna stay with us. Flagship is really really good to me you know providing all the tools that I need cause when the company cares about you as an employee you get a better environment to work then when you as employee go and take care of the customer it’s like a circle. If everybody’s happy you get a good response, at the end of the day.