Mercedes CMMS Success Story
Mercedes CMMS Success Story

Mercedes…a CMMS Success Story

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Mercedes Benz is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, synonymous with excellence, innovation, and quality. They’re industry leaders, propelled by superior craftsmanship and their pursuit of perfection continues to set the pace for all others to follow.

Flagship recently began providing Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services to Mercedes Benz at their network of facilities located across the United States. Upon arrival, our staff immediately sought ways to begin adding value aside from the services that were already being offered.

The Challenge

Upon arrival, the team noticed several areas that could be improved. There was an infrastructure in place capable of supporting a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), but the vast potential it held had not yet been realized. Training was also an area of concern. CMMS systems are powerful, but before their true value can be realized, training must be done.

None of the Mercedes facilities had a complete equipment maintenance program in place. This kept management in the dark as to when and how key pieces of their environment needed to be serviced. In order to conduct effective capital planning, understanding where they stood in this area was a must.

The integrity of the asset infrastructure was also a concern. Over time, some of the assets had been inconsistently tracked by the previous facility services provider. Without a clear picture of where they stood, Mercedes was quite possibly wasting valuable resources that could have been reallocated to other parts of their business.

The Solution

A CMMS solution is important but it’s more important to make sure the right solution is used. Within days of assuming responsibility for their plants, Flagship made CMMS solution recommendations. Once approved, a robust CMMS system tailored to meet their needs was implemented.

The CMMS solution that Flagship chose for Mercedes gave them a clear view of their equipment maintenance needs. Each piece of equipment received preventive or corrective maintenance timelines. This gave Mercedes a layer of transparency that allowed them to more accurately develop their 5-year capital plan.

Across all the Mercedes facilities, assets were inventoried. From there, Flagship instituted a comprehensive asset tracking system with continuous updates being done through the CMMS system. This increased asset integrity led to improvements in efficiency and how to manage workloads.

The Outcome

Flagship spearheaded the implementation of a new CMMS system that lets the Mercedes Benz facilities operate more efficiently and effectively. The solution brought transparency and improved communication that far exceeded what was in place with the previous provider.

With a maintenance program in place, Mercedes understands how to maximize their facilities. This new level of transparency empowers their staff to make resource decisions in the best interest of the organization as opposed to operating on an uninformed basis. Assets are now more effectively tracked and management now has a clear view of what is housed at each of their locations.

Through the implementation of this CMMS system, Mercedes Benz is now able to bring metrics and KPIs to bear in their capital asset management and budget planning as they continue to cement their position at the top of the automotive industry. They’re also able to ensure critical equipment remains operations and no disruptions of production occur which would jeopardize the end-users being served.

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