Mise en Place


Mise en Place

What Is “Mise en Place”?

It’s the Heartbeat of the Business

“To me, it means “everything in its place”, not just raw ingredients…that means everything from food cost, labor cost, food prep, food quality, employee quality of life. It’s the heartbeat of the business.” — Adam Gnau/Acero


Every Ingredient Needed for a Corporate Dining Program

Mise en PlaceTM was designed to support a full program – from recipe database creation to labor management. We can also flex Mise en Place to fill gaps in your current food service.

Various Herbs and Spices for Cooking
Chef Recipe Database

The Chef Suite

The Recipe Database

Used as the basis of the Chef Suite, the recipe database drives menu creation, allows us to forecast counts, scale production, develop purchasing guides, and track food and ingredients through the continuum of service.


Online Menus and Ordering

Promote Healthy Choices

  • Informative and engaging menus
  • Available from nearly every device – including Alexa
  • Embed on your website or use ours – customize to reflect your facility
  • Allergen filters and special diet item highlights and icons
Online Menu Setup

Mise en Place Chef Suite Delivers Results

Food Inventory and Purchasing

eProcure: Streamlined Food Purchasing

Flagship can bring its Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) to bear in centralizing food procurement, especially for geographically dispersed client locations. Using a GPO has proven to:

  • Reduce waste and maximize cost savings
  • Streamline invoicing, order, receiving
  • Increase food safety
  • Refocus management labor to kitchen production
  • Drive sustainability and diversity initiatives

Culinary Foundations: ACF/World Chef Certified Courses


Powered by Rouxbe

The Mise en PlaceTM training component is tablet-based, hands-on training that interfaces with the production software. This lets your kitchen staff review a refresher video on a cooking technique prior to starting a recipe.

Culinary Foundations Features

  • 2 levels of learning with 22 units, 78 lessons, and 1,500 instructional videos
  • 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic)
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Fully visible scores and assessments

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Flagship’s proven culinary staffing solution can lower costs and take away the burden of recruiting, background checking, and managing staff.

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