Facility Outsourcing
Facility Outsourcing


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According to the International Facility Management Association, maintaining an in-house facilities management staff costs an average of 23% more than outsourcing this function

Each year, businesses just like yours find themselves faced with a key decision: continue to turn to in-house staff for facilities services – or turn to an external partner. There is a persistent belief that in-house offers more control over how facilities are is maintained.

This may have been true in the past but as facilities get smarter (and more complex) business and leader mindsets have evolved and more are beginning to see the benefits of outsourcing their integrated facilities management functions.

Here are Five Solid Reasons Why

1. Focus on Your Core Business

When you outsource your integrated facilities management, you release valuable resources that can be used to grow your business and reach your revenue goals. Think about it—the contractor takes full responsibility for this area—from hiring to work balancing, training, and beyond. The additional time, resources, and energy that your organization gains in return will yield a considerable competitive advantage.

Companies that outsource their facilities needs realize a 100% increase in uptime through immediate resource allocation increases

2. Jack of All Trades

You’re an expert in your business but chances are, you’re not an expert on the intricacies of facilities management.
Sure, you work in your buildings and know, generally, what is good or bad about them.

Highly-trained professionals who live and breathe facility management know infinitely more about your building than you ever will. They know what facilities need, what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, they’ve got a proven set of skills, the structure and ability to deploy
them, and knowledge of how to best protect and prolong your infrastructure investments.

As companies view facility management services as non-core, they will strive to build long-term relationships with facilities experts

3. Bottom Line Savings

Business leaders who choose to outsource their facility management services are often surprised at the reduction in operating costs as a result of increased efficiency. Simply shifting fringe benefit costs to an external partner can have a positive impact on the bottom line. Benefits like insurance, paid leave, and vacation all the way to 401K and payroll taxes, the cost savings that can be gained from outsourcing are considerable.

When you handle your facilities management needs, you take on all of the associated responsibilities. Contracting them out relieves you of your workers compensation liability

4. Safety is Key

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining a facility comes with a myriad of safety challenges and concerns.

Unless you’ve provided your facility maintenance staff with the proper safety training for all tasks in their jobs, serious safety issues – up to and including injuries – will occur. Outsourcing facilities management to professionals dedicated to a safety-first mentality and equipped with comprehensive and ongoing safety training and monitoring will add immediate value to your facility and your business!

5. Maintenance Staff Fluctuations

Just like the weather outside, buildings have seasons too. The cycles of your facilities dictate the volume of the staff needed to attend to them. When you outsource, you’re not tied up managing staff fluctuations—that responsibility is owned by the contractor. How many hours a month do you spend prospecting for new staff members, managing the existing team to cover vacancies, training new employees and retraining current employees?

Your facilities represent a critical component of your business. They directly impact staff productivity and they are a tangible representation of the brand – your brand.

Doesn’t Your Facility Deserve to be A Flagship?

When thinking of the best way to maintain those facilities, be holistic in your approach. Remember your end goal is to build a better business in every sense of the phrase. Don’t shy away from decisions that can propel you toward the next level of success.

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