Chisolm & Sumpter Receive Disability Employment Awareness Celebration Award (DEAC)
Chisolm & Sumpter Receive Disability Employment Awareness Celebration Award (DEAC)

Flagship Recognized During 2019 Disability Employment Awareness Celebration

Published November 04, 2019

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2019 Disability Employment Awareness Celebration Award (DEAC)

Flagship was recognized by DEAC (Disability Employment Awareness Celebration) for employing eight employees with disabilities from the local Tampa community this year. We’re opening more job opportunities to people with disabilities and that means stronger communities and a better economy for all. We’ve partnered with Tampa Crossroads in our community outreach program to find exceptional candidates that are looking for meaningful careers, and we we’ve been overjoyed with the applicants.

Tampa Crossroads helped us find some amazing employees. Two of the employees that Flagship hired were also recognized for their outstanding performance at the Tampa International Airport.

Chisolm & Sumpter Receive Disability Employment Awareness Celebration Award (DEAC)

“We feel honored to be recognized as an outstanding employer that is committed to hiring amazing people from all walks for life. Flagship has an inclusive atmosphere with a strong drive to empower all abilities to work in harmony,” says David Pasek, CEO of Flagship. “We are helping to include all of our community into a positive and productive environment!”

Far too many Floridians with disabilities are out of work. According to the Institute on Disability. The state’s disability employment rate is at 34.1 percent. That total includes people who are blind or deaf or have other visible conditions such as spinal cord injuries, as well as people with invisible disabilities including learning disabilities, mental health or Autism. The current Florida state unemployment rate in September 2019 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is 3.2 percent. However, Florida’s unemployment rate for those categorized as with disability has in the past shown to be at least triple the state’s standard unemployment rate. Across all levels of education, persons with a disability were much less likely to be employed or only employed part time versus their counterparts with no disability. Nationwide, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the unemployment rate for people with disabilities was 8 percent in 2018, versus 3.7 percent for those without a disability.

Let’s celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) every October. It recognizes and celebrates the significant contributions of workers with disabilities and show each person as a unique individual.

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In addition, Flagship was recognized earlier this year for our partnership with Best Buddies in San Francisco. In 2020 we will be expanding that relationship to multiple chapters across the United States, including Seattle, Boston and New York. It has been a very humbling and rewarding experience.