Whittier College Facilities Team
Whittier College Facilities Team

Whittier College Awards Flagship Facilities Team

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Whittier College Facility Services Employees

Every evening, essential janitorial teams clean and disinfect commercial buildings around the world. They slip in and out, covered by the darkness of night and deliver safe and healthy facilities for staff and students to return to in the morning.

They usually operate unnoticed, but the students of Whittier College were not going to let these hardworking cleaning teams go without recognition.

The Associated Students of Whittier College (ASWC) issued in a statement:

“Our cleaning staff are vital parts of our community… Now more than ever, the cleaning staff play a crucial role. Despite the risks associated with working [during the COVID-19 pandemic], they continue to work diligently to ensure the safety and health of everyone still on campus.”

Each year, the student government, ASWC Senate, honors members of the Whittier College community for their service and dedication to the students. This award is given to an individual, or group, who show great support for the ASWC and exhibit dedication to all students.

That is why, for 2020, ASWC chose to award the Key to the College Award to the Whittier College employees of Flagship Facility Services.

Student Body President at Whittier College, Destinee Moya, announced the ASWC’s desire to honor Flagship’s amazing cleaning and janitorial team.

“Our cleaning staff are the unsung heroes of the Whittier College community and are greatly appreciated by our students,” stated Destinee. “They work tirelessly…and without their dedication, Whittier would be unable to thrive.”

The Flagship team at Whittier college accepted the plaque for the Key to the College Award. Receiving such strong recognition from these students showed this group of frontline heroes how much all their hard work is appreciated.

Interested in learning more about how Flagship can help you provide healthy and safe facilities for your students and staff? Contact a facilities expert to learn more.