A Day in the Life of an Airport Cleaner
A Day in the Life of an Airport Cleaner

A Day in the Life of an Airport Cleaner

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Ever wonder what a day on the facilities management front lines entails? Watch and find out how we provide great service to our clients – and hear about the amazing growth opportunities that come from pursuing a career at Flagship Facility Services!

Video Transcript

So day in the life of one of our frontline cleaners or any of our employees here with Flagship, it’s generally you come on you clock in, we have a clock in system that we use. After doing that clock in you go ahead and you get with your supervisor or your lead. You find out where you’re gonna be assigned for the day. Once you find out that you pretty much get your equipment so it can either be a cart if you’re doing gondola that day you’d go and get your gondolas it just really depends on what area of the department you were actually working in once you have that you’ll go out onto the floor you’ll interact with a lot of different customers cause they’re all through the airport you make sure that we have clean restrooms we have we have clean service areas, break rooms, offices, all of those things are very, very vital to our day in the life of Flagship.

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Restroom Facility Cleaning
  • Trash Pickup/Removal

I’ve been here for a total of 14 years I started here as a cleaner and I’m here now as an Operations Manager the possibilities are endless it’s wherever you want to be you.

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