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Beyond the Temporary: Crafting Lasting Staffing Solutions

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This biopharma organization has established itself as an industry leader by combining the agility of a biotech with the reach and resources of an established pharmaceutical company. With its dedication to innovation and helping those in need, the client has developed and distributed lifesaving therapies for patients worldwide.

The Challenge

The client operates numerous facilities nationwide, including an R&D location in California. The client depended on an indispensable laboratory position at the California site sourced through an agency. With the employee’s contract expiring, the client faced a staffing roadblock. Intent on finding a way to retain the employee, the client looked to Flagship to help maintain its operational efficiency.

The Solution

To ensure business continuity, Flagship hired the employee and contracted him out to the client. This allowed the client to keep the employee in his existing role without interrupting operations and bypassed the need to rely on an agency. The client also had other essential lab positions filled by temporary employees and would soon face the same initial dilemma on a larger scale. To prevent a lapse in support, Flagship employed the entire department and installed a highly effective service team. This team supported additional departments, such as the compound distribution team.

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The Outcome

Flagship stepped in during a critical time for the client and provided long-term solutions. The client no longer utilizes a temporary staffing model that hinges on an agency and instead turns to Flagship to help fill any open lab positions. Flagship prioritizes finding the ideal candidate for each role and avoids the client’s dependence on an additional third party. With Flagship overseeing vital departments, research and operations have been streamlined, and the scientists can spend more time on the bench.

The success of any lab operation relies on the skills and expertise of its employees. A temporary staffing model isn’t a sustainable option for labs, as it has the potential to interfere with life-saving research. Flagship provides tenable staffing solutions that ensure uninterrupted innovation.

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