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When Budget Was a Concern

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Smooth Transition

Regardless of the age range of the student population or location, campuses are busy environments. There are a number of moving pieces and in order for them to reach optimal levels, they must all work in place. This includes the facilities; an area that can make or break a campus. Any number of challenges can arise when dealing with campus facilities which makes partnering with a knowledgeable provider a must.

The Challenge

The customer was looking to reduce their annual costs and their facilities operations was a prime candidate. In order to realize the projected cost savings it meant they would have to outsource this function. Their preference was to retain the staff that had been servicing the campus. Their greatest fear was that an outside vendor wouldn’t be able to mesh with the staff that was already onboard, resulting in a disruption of service while negatively impacting on the students and faculty.

The Outcome

Faculty members and students have all remarked that they have never seen the campus look better. More importantly, these parties also commented that the condition of the campus has allowed them to become better students and teachers.

Budget Concerns

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