EV Car Production Line
EV Car Production Line

How Flagship Paved Greener Roads for EV Manufacturer

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At the forefront of automotive innovation, this industry trailblazer has emerged as a leading manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles. With its global presence, this company is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and paving the way toward a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The Challenge

As the client continued to grow and expand its operations, it produced more waste, interfering with its sustainability objectives. The client’s recycling program was not equipped for this surplus waste and demanded a significant upgrade.

Not only did the client require additional support to accommodate operations, but it also required outside assistance to create and implement a strategic recycling program without disrupting the manufacturing process.

The Solution

The client turned to Flagship to deliver a comprehensive recycling solution that matched its sustainability goals. Flagship immediately immersed itself in the client’s daily operations to gain further insight into the site’s functionality. This approach enabled the team to promptly identify areas for improvement to the existing recycling program to develop a more efficient version.

One of the key elements of the new program was an initiative that converted plastics and foam into recycled blocks, which are later burned for energy. Flagship seamlessly implemented this program, ensuring that it could scale with the client’s manufacturing operations.

Recycling Sorting

The Outcome

Implementing this robust recycling program was a significant milestone in the client’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. With Flagship’s dedicated efforts and newly enforced program, the client only sent .04% of waste to landfills – a record low compared to 6% in previous years.

Under Flagship’s management, the client reached 100% of its production quota and sustainability goals with improved efficiency. Additionally, the specialized program resulted in an increase in revenue through the reselling of recycling materials.

Box Recycling Sorting
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