Hand Raised at Training Course
Hand Raised at Training Course

Fulfilling Potential In The Lab: Flagship’s LST Certification Program

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In recent years, the breadth of research being conducted in the Life Sciences industry has grown dramatically, with the emergence of fields such as personalized medicine, gene therapy, and synthetic biology. As a result, many Life Sciences organizations have diversified their portfolios, leading to larger and more multifaceted operations.

The Challenge

As Life Sciences organizations grow more complex, laboratory management becomes increasingly difficult. To address this challenge, many are turning to third parties for lab support. These providers can help manage lab resources such as funding, equipment, and inventory, which are vital to the success of research outcomes.

Although outsourcing has many advantages, Life Sciences organizations must be careful to select the right lab support partner. Not all providers employ technicians who are trained in lab environments with the experience necessary to offer appropriate support.

Hiring skilled technicians who are well-versed in lab management practices, as well as regulatory and ethical guidelines, can help minimize disruptions and reduce the administrative burden on your scientists. Hire the wrong person, however, and you could compromise the quality and integrity of your research.

The Solution

Flagship Lab Services created the Life Sciences Technician (LST)™ certification program to formalize the certification process for technicians specializing in lab environments. This program aims to train technicians in the specifics of lab management and set a new standard for employee excellence within the Life Sciences industry.

Participants undergo an intensive week of training set between the classroom and Flagship’s model lab. The curriculum covers a wide spectrum of topics, including lab safety, equipment management, and general maintenance. Not only does each graduate receive the LST certification, but they’re also granted preferred status for job opportunities with Flagship Lab Services.

Life Sciences Technicians

In addition to providing young professionals with a fast, affordable career pathway, the LST certification program has created a robust pipeline of qualified lab technicians who are making a difference at the Life Sciences organizations they serve. In every lab they represent, LSTs implement processes and maintain the conditions necessary for successful experimentation and research.

About Flagship Lab Services

Flagship Lab Services offers integrated lab support and facilities maintenance services to meet the requirements of Life Sciences organizations as they progress from R&D through GxP. From equipment cleaning and repair to supply management and procurement, there’s nothing our experts can’t do. By introducing structure and process to your operations, we guarantee that your lab functions at peak efficiency, allowing your team to focus on what matters most: the science.

Life Tech Process Manual

The Flagship instructors are all very personable and did a wonderful job at making us feel welcome. In addition, they made sure to create relationships with us so that we knew we had someone backing us along the way. – LST certification program graduate

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