Flagship Provides TSA Meals
Flagship Provides TSA Meals

Flagship Provides Meals to TSA

Published February 12, 2019

Categories: Aviation, Dallas, Library, Orlando, Tampa


The government shutdown has ended but federal employees across the nation are still feeling the economic pain. This includes Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents many of whom continued diligently showing up for work, protecting our airports and skies despite not receiving compensation.

To show our gratitude, Flagship recently spent time providing meals to 870 TSA agents at DFW International, Tampa International and Orlando International Airport. Flagship provides a wide range of facility management services to these airports and views each as a trusted business partner.

“Flagship is committed to being good stewards of our community. We view this small token of our appreciation as the least we could do to brighten the days of those affected by current events,”
says Kevin Barton, Vice President of Operations at Flagship.

The longest shutdown in the history of the United States resulted in thousands of furloughed workers being unable to pay for the most basic needs. Even though the shutdown has ended, these workers require continued support as they transition back into a more stable life position.

“The dedicated professionals of TSA stand guard protecting our flying nation through these tough times”, said Mr. Barton. We only wish them the best and hope they know that they are not forgotten, and have our admiration and thanks”.

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