Modern Lab Facility
Modern Lab Facility

Developer Turns to Flagship Lab Services to Coordinate Buildout of Multi-Tenant Biotech Property

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This Flagship Lab Services client is as a prominent player in the real estate investment, development, and management industry in the northeast United States, focused on creating consistent growth opportunities within the Biotech sector.

The client recently invested in a state-of-the-art building in Boston – intended specifically for Biotech use. At 250,000 square feet, this facility stands out as one of the most impressive Biotech facilities in the area.

The Challenge

The client planned to lease the property to multiple tenants in the Biotech sector. Building out the facility to meet the needs of each business would require careful coordination between the client, its tenants, and their contractors and subcontractors.

The client turned to Flagship Lab Services to lead this project, consisting of five individual buildouts – each with their own unique requirements. Flagship served as the Operator’s Representative, managing all stakeholders and day-to-day activity.

The Solution

With its extensive expertise in maintaining Biotech facilities, Flagship ensured a seamless build-out for every tenant. A dedicated Flagship employee was present on-site, supervising and serving as a liaison between all invested parties.

A critical part of the job was modifying the core building’s HVAC, electrical, gas, and safety systems to provide separate access and control to each tenant – a necessity for both operations and regulatory compliance. Thanks to Flagship’s guidance, this work was performed to exacting standards.

Flagship also worked diligently to minimize any disruption that might be caused by the ongoing project as as buildouts were completed, and tenants moved into the space. Through meticulous planning, Flagship drastically limited the number of system tests and shutdowns that occurred during the commissioning phase, allowing tenants to remain focused on their groundbreaking work.

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The Outcome

In just 14 months, the client transformed the building into a cutting-edge laboratory supporting five tenants. Flagship played a vital role in streamlining the process by gaining the trust of every stakeholder from the start.

In addition to protecting stakeholder interests, Flagship moved quickly to identify and resolve any building issues before they could result in delimma. The team’s extensive knowledge of Biotech environments proved to be a true asset, setting them apart from other Operator Representatives.

Flagship not only continues to service the base building but it also provides lab services to several other tenants within the building. This is a sign of the company’s far-reaching impact and unwavering commitment to the Biotech industry.

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