What Does Safety Mean to You?
What Does Safety Mean to You?

What Does Safety Mean to You?

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When you think about safety, what does it mean to you? The leadership at Flagship Facility Services talks about what safety means to them and how they work hard to provide what is needed to make sure that employees are able to get Home Safe…Everyone, Everyday!

Video Transcript

So I consider safety one of our basic tenants that we treat people correctly that we pay them right we also keep them safe when they come to work here. I think that cultural is very important to us, which is why safety is one of our values. I think safety is doing whatever is necessary to make sure our employees are safe. When I think about safety I think about teamwork it’s all about looking out for one another helping each other out.

Looking for things like trip hazards different types of flooring, equipment checks, our PPE checks, following up with our employees when they come in – making sure that they’re okay to work. It means going out of your way to make sure that you’re selfless and take care of others. Creating a very safe environment for the employees to feel safe to come to work.

It starts with leadership that creates an environment in culture that allows people to understand the environments and to acclimate properly, and to be prepared and educated. This gives us an opportunity to make sure we create an environment where people feel safe enough to bring their whole self and their best self to work.

That’s our basic job as management here at Flagship.