Airport Creative Conservation
Airport Creative Conservation

Creative Conservation

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San Diego International Airport Overview

There’s always an opportunity to protect the planet. In many cases, they’re right in our face. But in order to activate them, it requires an open-minded, out-of-the-box approach—similar to the one Flagship Facility Services developed at San Diego International Airport.

The Challenge

San Diego International Airport (SAN) is one of the nation’s finest, serving well over 20 million passengers per year. Like so many other airports, SAN employs the use of jet bridges to help passengers board and unload flights. Jet bridges have become invaluable to the flight process and under the watchful eyes of Flagship employees, they gained even more value.

The Solution

Flagship reported our findings to decision-makers at SAN and Ocean Blue Environmental Services, a waste management contractor. During each use, the jet bridges were leaking considerable amounts of water due to condensation. After speaking with Flagship, 55-gallon drums were placed under these bridges capturing the water. This water was then re-purposed in a number of different areas including pressure washers, carpet shampooers, and a host of other areas.

The Outcome

Effort is what it takes to protect our planet and effort is just what Flagship provides. Each day, our staff moves into the field to satisfy the needs of our loyal customer base—with an eye toward protecting the planet. Our mantra has always been, “We have one planet it’s our job to save it”. We’re so proud that our employees have heard and continue to live by this message.

  • Green Cleaning Initiatives
  • Proactive Planning
  • Immediate Response
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