Cleaning California Coast
Cleaning California Coast

Flagship Helps Clean Up California’s Coastline

Published October 04, 2019

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Flagship Facility Services and Surfrider Foundation

Being there for your community is important. Especially when it means you can help make this world a little bit better for the next generation and generations to come.

Tony Soriano, Regional Sales and Operations Director at Flagship Facility Services, knows what that is like. He has dedicated his time and services to helping clean up California’s coastline for over 15 years. What started as a personal pursuit to clean up his local beach has become a community endeavor with over 24,000 volunteers up and down California’s coastline.

“Marine debris has become a pervasive pollution problem affecting all of the world’s oceans and beaches. All it takes is one tiny bottle cap, Styrofoam container, cigarette butt, or something as simple as a plastic straw and animals can suffer an unimaginable fate.”

Ocean Pollution Plastic Straws Cigarettes

This year Tony helped lead a dedicated team of environmentally focused volunteers at Tower 16 and Flagship was also a local sponsor for the efforts for a cleaner California shore. They may have gotten their hands a little dirty, but volunteers were out there to reduce litter, protect our ocean and raise awareness about litter and plastic pollution.

“It was great to see so many more people become environmental aware. Sometimes you have to see it to truly understand that the cleanup doesn’t really end that day at the beach. It’s a continual effort by everyone,” stated Tony.

September 21, 2019 marked the 35th annual California Coastal Cleanup. In total, there were 512 beaches cleaned and 179,574 pounds of trash removed from the California shoreline, and the numbers were in line with or surpassed the 2019 program goals. All trash collected goes into an online database – every cigarette butt, snack wrapper, piece of plastic – and helps form future public policy and business best practices.

35th Annual Coastal Cleanup California 2019