Julio D.

Julio D.

Julio D.

Airport Custodian

The pandemic has affected the mental health of many individuals and the last 20 months have been very hard.

In a recent sad event, an airport passenger was feeling overwhelmed and attempted to take their own life in an airport restroom.

The Airport Emergency Dispatcher received a call from a person stating they had hurt themselves in a restroom. Police, paramedics, fire and Airport Operations were immediately dispatched to search the airport and locate the person.

Around the same time, Flagship’s Julio D., an airport custodian, was completing his rounds when he found an unconscious and injured person on the floor of a family restroom. Julio immediately called the Airport Emergency Dispatcher and reported the location and details about the scene he had found.

Julio’s quick-thinking and responsiveness helped lead the police and paramedics to the passenger quickly and they were able to save his life. The passenger is now recovering in a local hospital.

Julio and his supervisor Lecicia H. secured the restroom to allow police time to complete their report and then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the room, providing a safe and sanitized area for passengers.