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Flagship’s CMMS Implementation Improves Operations for Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes-Benz is one of the most recognizable luxury brands in the world, synonymous with excellence, innovation, and quality. It’s an industry leader, propelled by superior craftsmanship, and its pursuit of perfection continues to set the highest standard for competitors to reach.

Flagship Facility Services recently began providing integrated facility maintenance services to Mercedes-Benz at its network of facilities across the U.S. Upon arrival, staff immediately sought ways to enhance the services already offered.

The Challenge

Once the Flagship team began working on-site, it noticed several areas that could be improved. There was an established infrastructure capable of supporting a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), but its full potential remained untapped. Flagship aimed to implement a CMMS but understood it would require thorough training.

Mercedes-Benz facilities still needed a comprehensive equipment maintenance program in place. Without an appointed maintenance program, management was kept in the dark as to when and how critical pieces of equipment needed to be serviced. Understanding this area of improvement would be vital to conducting proficient capital planning.

The integrity of Mercedes-Benz’s asset infrastructure was another concern. Over time, some assets had been inconsistently tracked by the previous facility services provider. If there is a lack of familiarity regarding the status of assets, there’s a risk of expending resources that could be utilized in different areas of the business.

The Solution

Flagship assessed that a comprehensive CMMS was the much-needed solution to Mercedes-Benz’s issues. The team made CMMS recommendations quickly, and once approved, a tailored CMMS was implemented.

The CMMS solution that Flagship prepared gave Mercedes-Benz a clear view of its equipment maintenance needs, including preventive and corrective maintenance timelines. This provided Mercedes-Benz with an added layer of transparency and accuracy in developing its 5-year capital plan.

Flagship inventoried assets across all Mercedes-Benz facilities and instituted a comprehensive asset tracking system through the CMMS. This increased asset integrity, improved efficiency, and enabled Mercedes-Benz to manage workloads better.

The Outcome

Flagship spearheaded the implementation of a new CMMS that lets Mercedes-Benz facilities operate more efficiently and effectively. The solution brought clarity to their facilities program and improved communication established by the previous facility services provider.

This new level of transparency empowers staff to make advantageous resource decisions. Assets are now more skillfully tracked, and management can see precisely what is stored at each facility.

By implementing this CMMS, Mercedes-Benz can now bring metrics and KPIs to bear in their capital asset management and budget planning as they continue to cement their position at the top of the luxury automotive industry. They’re also able to ensure critical equipment remains operational and no production disruptions occur.

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