Four days to remodel
Four days to remodel

Four Days to Remodel!

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Restaurant Renovation

Northern California is home to some of the nation’s finest hotel and lodging options. One particular hotel has come to be known for their exceptional dining and lounge options that has historically attracted a steady stream of upscale patrons. Over the course of time, upgrades were needed in order for the restaurant to remain competitive.

The Challenge

The Northern California market is thriving and generates in excess of $4 billion in revenues annually. This is a hyper-competitive segment and no one understands this better than the operators. Flagship was approached by this hotelier who was faced with a unique challenge; remodeling the restaurant housed inside of the hotel in a mere 4 days. This was a high-end location that in addition to their dining and lounge excellence, had gained a reputation for quality craftsmanship. Aside from the potential of lost profits, their brand reputation was at stake. Any miscue during the remodel or with the choice of vendors could prove to be detrimental to their entire operation.

The Solution

Flagship arrived and immediately went to work, deploying a solution that was designed to maintain the high standards that the hotel had come to be identified with. There were several moving parts associated with this project requiring a number of different skill sets. From refinishing floors to revising electrical systems and a wide range of installations, Flagship expertly managed them all while adhering to the customer’s strict standards.

The Outcome

Flagship was able to deliver the project to the customer within the allotted time frame and on-budget. The restaurant was able to resume operations without having any adverse impact to their profits and they are now positioned to better compete and serve their customer base.

4 Days to Remodel

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