Client Stories

Fireworks at the MCO Airport

Fireworks at the Airport

With proper training and proactive planning, Flagship was able to help Orlando International Airport avoid what had the makings of a holiday travel nightmare.

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Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport

2022 Update

Orlando International Airport (MCO) expected a world class staff of cleaning ambassadors. Flagship took over the facility cleaning management amidst high client expectations and a sea of change.

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Electric Automobile Manufacturer

A Recycling Success

At an electric automobile manufacturer’s 6.5M square foot facility, we were asked to help support a fledgling recycling program. Flagship delivered with a 98.5% of the manufacturer’s waste stream recycled and $3.4M in revenue from recycled material sales by the end of 2016.

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Four days to remodel

Four Days to Remodel!

When every day means lost revenue…

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Creative chaos

Creative Chaos: A Step Ahead

The business held an immense amount of potential & so too did the industry they were in. In order to capitalize, they needed to focus on their business.

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Water, water everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere

Waking at dawn to a flooded dorm…

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Santa Clara

When Budget Was a Concern

Faculty members and students have all remarked that they have never seen the campus look better. Also commenting that the condition of the campus has allowed them to become better students and teachers.

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San Diego International Airport

When They Grew, We Scaled Up to Meet the Challenge

San Diego International Airport is the 8th largest…

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Dallas Fort Worth Airport Terminal

During Difficult Times, Flagship Was There

Dallas/Fort Worth is one of the busiest…

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