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RFP Request for Proposal Time

Request for Proposal Time?

How do you solve the problem like the RFP? Whether you’re in the public or private sector, you’ve likely been involved in a facilities services RFP.

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Airport Creative Conservation

Creative Conservation

Effort’s what it takes to protect our planet & that’s what we provide.

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Fireworks at the MCO Airport

Fireworks at the Airport

With proper training and proactive planning, Flagship was able to help Orlando International Airport avoid what had the makings of a holiday travel nightmare.

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Maintain Your Aging Facilities Flagship Resource

Things You Can Do to Maintain Your Aging Facilities

Facilities age, but those that receive regular maintenance age more gracefully.

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Facility Outsourcing


According to the International Facility Management Association, maintaining an in-house facilities management staff costs 23% more than outsourcing.

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Window Cleaning Floor Cleaning Workers

Hard & Soft Facility Services

Every facility needs a proper management program to guide, direct, & keep it functioning properly & extend the life of its physical assets.

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Electric Automobile Manufacturer

A Recycling Success

At an electric automobile manufacturer’s 6.5M square foot facility, we were asked to help support a fledgling recycling program. Flagship delivered with a 98.5% of the manufacturer’s waste stream recycled and $3.4M in revenue from recycled material sales by the end of 2016.

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Facility Management

Inside a Facility Management Partner

The world of facilities management is constantly evolving with change being the only constant. When searching for a facility partner, great deal of strategy should go into this process with the four trends listed below guiding the hiring decision.

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Mobile Technology on Facilities Management

Always There

Infusing mobility into the solutions improves Flagship’s service delivery.

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Sustainability and Millennial Professionals

Generation Y

Why sustainability is important to millennial professionals Millennials want to…

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Soldier Contributions

Honoring Our Veterans

Soldiers contributions take center stage at Flagship…

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Four days to remodel

Four Days to Remodel!

When every day means lost revenue…

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