Creative chaos
Creative chaos

Creative Chaos: A Step Ahead

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When Flagship first partnered with this innovator, they were still in their infancy. The business held an immense amount of potential and so too did the industry they were operating in. In order to capitalize on the opportunities at hand and compete, they needed to be able to focus on the core of their business.

The Challenge

The challenge this organization was facing could be summed up in one area; growth. Whereas most companies track their growth on an annual basis, this market leader was realizing exponential month-to-month growth. They needed vendors in place with the ability to operate with little direction while delivering a level of service and scalability that matched what their brand had come to represent. All areas of their operations were reviewed and this includes facilities which came with a diverse set of needs due to the rapid growth they were experiencing. When the time came to choose a provider capable of supporting their facility needs, they chose Flagship.

The Solution

Flagship assessed the situation and came to the conclusion that an integrated approach that combined facility cleaning, equipment servicing, painting, and general repairs. Processes were optimized and this allowed for the seamless creation of recognizable value without any disruption of growth; something that the customer could not afford to experience. Over the course of time, the volume of their needs has changed but the level of service that Flagship has delivered has remained the same. Flagship has been able to grow with the customer.

The Outcome

Today this organization stands as the unquestioned market leader in their segment of the technology world. They’re dynamic and have set the standards that all others are being judged by. Their operations have grown considerably and so too has our service footprint. This speaks to the level of trust that has been fostered in this customer and the type of service that we have been able to provide.

Creative Chaos

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