Water, water everywhere
Water, water everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere

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Emergency On Campus

College dormitories are typically some of the busiest places on campus with students coming and going at all times of the day and night. The high volume of traffic can have an adverse impact on the surfaces including carpet where food and drink spills can ruin an environment. Stains are a part of campus and dormitory life and from time to time, emergencies can occur. When this happens a team of specialized professionals are needed.

The Challenge

Flooding is a nightmare for any manager and has the very real potential of bring thousands of dollars in repair costs. It’s a challenging situation regardless of the facility but it becomes heightened in an academic environment where students and families can be impacted. This is what Flagship was faced with when the students on one of the campuses we serve were awakened by the sound of rushing water. To make matters even more of a challenge, the campus was in the midst of final exams. This required an efficient solution that saved their floors and more importantly, allowed the students to re-focus their attention on their academic endeavors.

The Solution

Flagship arrived and immediately diagnosed the problem and found the source. Once this was done, a team of drywall experts were sent out to replace the damaged floor and wall and a crew to clean and sanitize the carpeted portions that had been affected. The entire operation was handled efficiently and effectively, with minimal disruptions.

The Outcome

Order was restored to the dormitory and the facilities were left fully operational. Students were able to resume normal activities and the integrity of the structure was maintained without any major financial costs.

Water Everywhere

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